Realisations with Stucs


Stuc is a wall covering used in the past to protect or decorate interior and exterior surfaces. The technique can be traced back to antiquity. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used it with much skill in various projects.

The Italians mastered the art of stucco finish. They developed techniques and spread their use throughout Europe during the Renaissance period. Nowadays, Stucco finish is widely used as a decorative technique of interior wall decorations and exterior surfaces.

The application of stucco plaster requires a solid know-how. It is a fine plaster, the surface being smoothed with an iron or polished with a polishing stone to look like marble.

The Blend of Stucco Finishes

The mixture is made of plaster or slaked lime mixed with a fine powder, often marble powder. Pigments are then added to the mixture to give the desired colour.

The consistency of the mixture allows it to be sculpted to cover shapes and create sumptuous raised decorative elements such as moldings and columns.

Today, stucco plaster is used in decoration projects for its texture, its shine, its various possible finishes; marmorino, mantova, scratched, sgraffito, fresco and not least its ecological benefits.

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