The Atelier

Creation of art
Furniture and decorative objects

Decorative Techniques

Tadelakt is a well known decorative techique in France, used today to decorate interior walls and our bathrooms. This traditional Maroccan style technique dates back thousands of years before it was widelly recognized as a uniquely beutiful and ecological technique for interior decoration.

To set off the tadelakt finish, Jamal Daddis marries it in his creations with other techniques and materials such as sgraffito used in Venetian plaster, zellij and metal.

The Atelier Pittoresque has developed 5 decoration approaches with lime plaster, this timeless and ecological substance: tadelakt, stucco plaster finishes, patinas, creation of objects and workshops.

Furnitures and Objects

In his workshop however, Jamal Daddis also uses the materials smooth and sensual qualities as a finish for a large number of furniture pieces and decorative objects: tables, vases, washstands, lamp bases and all other terracotta objects.

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