About Jamal Daddis

The history of a talented Artisan Plaster

Born in Marrakech and based in France since 1991, Jamal Daddis is an artist, master of the tadelakt Art. He tries to create an ideal and convey the feeling of beauty through lime painting and other decorative plastering techniques.

The artist creates by bringing the material to life and shares his passion by passing on his skills and knowledge. His path has been sewn with the pitfalls of one living between two cultures but it has been a journey rich in experiences and acquaintances.

An Artisan Decorator

Artisan and decorator by trade and master of the tadelakt technique, he is specialized in traditional lime painting and rendering.

The Artisan plaster moved a step further by developing a unique way of applying Tadelakt to create decorative objects using other materials and traditional and contemporary patterns.

His experience and deep know-how as decorator and artist have allowed him to organise workshops in both France and Morocco.

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