"Le Tadelakt, une technique millénaire d’enduit à la chaux." De Jamal Daddis Chez Edisud 2007

This publication was written principally to pay respect to the "Maâlmin" master craftsmen who over centuries knew how to work and improve upon the tadelakt techniques all whilst maintaining its originality and richness.

Like the Japanese national treasures, the "Maâlmin" represent the very best of Moroccan craftsmanship.

It is therefore a journey through time. He retraces the history of the century old plaster, covers the technical and aesthetic characteristics and explains its application, which requires a high level of skill as well as a lot of patience.

See Jamal Daddis’ interview, performed during the «Salon Vivre Côté Sud».

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"Tadelakt opposes all that is the speed of current day living as the secret of its finish lies in the slowness of application and the absolute mastering of the necessary hand gestures, working to the rhythm of the materials combined to bring this finish to life"